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First Semester (Fall)

Core Modules

Ι. Metaphysics and Epistemology

ΙΙ. Philosophy of Science

ΙΙΙ. Modern Philosophy


Second Semester (Spring)

Strand A: Analytic Philosophy

i. Fundamentals of Analytic Philosophy

ii. Philosophy of Mind & Language

iii. Philosophy of Logic & Mathematics


Strand B: Philosophy of Science

i. Philosophy of Physics

ii. Philosophy of Technology

iii. Philosophy of Biology and the Life Sciences


Strand C: Philosophy of Social Science

i. Philosophy and Social Theory

ii. Philosophy of Economics

iii. Philosophy of Law


Strand D: Ethics, Science, and Technology

i. The Nature of Values

ii. Values in Science

iii. Ethics in Technology


Strand E: Continental Philosophy

i. Fundamentals of Continental Philosophy

ii. Phenomenology

iii. Hermeneutics


Elective Courses

i. History of Natural Sciences

ii. History of Social Sciences

iii. History of Technology

iv. Current Trends in Analytic Philosophy

v. Current Trends in Philosophical Ethics

vi. Current Trends in Continental Philosophy

vii. Gender and Feminism in the Philosophy of Science

viii. Literature, Science, Technology

ix. Metaphysics of Science

x. Philosophical Methods

xi. Spring Semester Courses from ‘Science, Technology, Society—Science and Technology, Studies’


Third Term (Summer)

MA Dissertation, to be submitted by September 30th


Each module counts for 10 ECTS, the MA Dissertation counts for 30 ECTS

  • First Term (October to January): students attend at least 2 core modules, and either1 core module or1 elective module (30 ECTS)
  • Second Term (February to June): students attend at least 2 modules from one Strand and either1 module from one Strand, or1elective module (30 ECTS)
  • Third Term (July to September): writing of the MA Dissertation (15 ECTS)

Total Credits:   75 ECTS